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Fast Forward

12 Jul

As children we wanted everything to go faster; from the time we took our first steps to the moment we danced across the stage with our college diploma in hand. Somewhere, weeks or months after that event, we suddenly realized that we wanted time to slow down; we were no longer in such a hurry. We began to see the benefit of taking our time, enjoying the journey, and savoring the moment.

 Now as we approach the opportunities and possibilities that P3 / Pyramid Player’s Productions offers to us, both personally and as a community, we are suddenly seized by the need to rush headlong into the service portion of organization’s mission. While the desire for action is commendable, it is equally important that we build a foundation for the organization. Far too many non-profits fail, not because they did not have a strong mission, but because they failed to attend to the up-front organizational and structural work necessary for long-term stability and growth.

 We need a business plan with the requisite financial forecasting and a written and verbal vision plan as well as a final version of the mission statement. There needs to be a logo available for the board to use on correspondence, newsletters, blogs and other branded material. Committees need to be formed, chairs appointed, tasks assigned and due dates for deliverables determined. All of these items, and many more, need to be done deliberately, methodically and a little slower than we might like.

 Ralph Waldo Emerson said that nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm but good planning allows enthusiasm to be channeled into great decisions.